Wildlife is plentiful in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountain Range that Conconully is situated in. You see deer roaming the streets of town all year. Fishing is superb with 2-3 fish plants each year. You will find cougars, raccoons, elk and many other species. Not far away there is a mountain goat heard with their curled horns. Birds are plentiful and the majestic bald eagles around the lake will hold your attention, especially when they capture a mallard holding it under water about 5 minutes, while de-feathering the creature. When the duck is drown and the eagle flies off to claim its meal, a magnificent site of nature.
Bring your camera and you will have many opportunities to capture that “perfect shot.”

Deer Haven Lodge, Conconully Washington, enjoy all the wildlife and peacefulness of the mountains
Deer Haven Lodge, Conconully WA, Activities, Fishing, Hunting, Outhouse Races
Deer Haven Lodge, Cononully WA, Next to the world famous suicide races of Omak WA

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